"Best Rock Band"
at the
Central Valley Music Awards



2022 has flown by, but we're happy to say that The Lost Summer is complete, and we've got our first single "Are You Ready" locked and loaded! Thank you guys so much for all the support through the process of getting this record done. You won't be disappointed!




Cloudship is a two-man Rock n Soul band from Fresno, CA. The duo uses multi-tasking and unique equipment to generate more sound than you'd think 2 guys could. Cloudship's music is a "lively humdinger of indie pop, organic blues, folk, rock, and soul" (Sacramento Bee).


The two longtime friends, one day, decided to combine all the gear they had and start jamming. They never stopped. After almost 1,000 shows and 5 records, they show no signs of slowing down. The duo is currently working on their 6th outing. 

"Cloudship stays fresh between every song, not just between albums."
- Monterey County Weekly



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